The Side Ache Solution is an ebook training program that will eliminate your side aches.

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Side aches or stitches are pain in the abdominal area that you feel when you exercise.


Runners are ten times more likely to experience side aches than cyclists.


Running, endurance horseback riding and swimming are the sports with the most reported side aches.


Younger runners get side aches / stitches more often than adults.

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Most approaches to preventing or treating side aches have been based on false theories – assuming that the abdominal ligaments are strained or the diaphragm muscle is spasming and causing pain.


Recent research performed by Dr. Dale Morton has shed new light on the cause of side aches / stitches.


Now you can benefit from the only program designed to effectively eliminate side aches.


6 point program to eliminate side aches.

  • Learn what the real cause of a side ache / stitch is.
  • Learn the most effective stretches for side aches with detailed descriptions.
  • Learn the most effective abdominal strengthening exercises for side aches.
  • Learn principles of relaxation to improve your running form and reduce side aches.
  • Learn which factors make you more likely to get a side ache.
  • Learn how to ease a side ache once it happens.
  • Chart your performance to ensure success.


The Side Ache Solution eBook doesn't require any awkward alterations to your running (like some popular sports medicine physicians have recommended), extra equipment or swallowing a magic pill. This program is based on sound principles of sports medicine.


Take control of your side aches!


After two weeks of performing this specially designed exercise program, improving your running form and understanding the cause of side aches you will be well on your way to being side ache free. Most people continue the exercises for up to one month to eliminate side aches.


Don't waste any more time.

You won't find this information anywhere on the internet or at your doctors office. We have studied all of the published research on side aches, worked with individual athletes and teams to perfect The Side Ache Solution. You benefit from the knowledge and experience of our expert team of coaches and physical therapist, Bryan Whitesides (developer of, and author of several articles on running injuries).


The Side Ache Solution is primarily designed for runners; however, athletes involved in any sport can benefit from this 6 part program. So, whether your sport is running, swimming, cycling, horseback riding, soccer or La Crosse this program is for you.


"We have been using the exercises in The Side Ache Solution for our Girls on the Run program. The girls feel empowered with these exercises. Our side ache complaints have dropped and if a girl does get a side ache, they do the stretches and get right back in with the group".

Julie Prinster, Grand Junction CO


"I had tried all of the tips that my runner friends told me about but nothing worked. I literally couldn't run more than a mile. This program saved me! I just finished my first half marathon and no side ache."

Laura, Englewood CO


"My cross country season was being destroyed by side aches. Just when I was catching the other runners I would get a stitch. I was so frustrated. My coach suggested The Side Ache Solution and within two weeks the stitch was gone and I made the varsity team".

Chris, Tacoma WA


"I started to do the program for side aches I was getting about twice a week when I ran. After the side aches disappeared I noticed that my back was feeling better than it had in years so I keep doing the exercises and it keeps my back happy. Thanks Bryan"!

Sandra, Carlsbad CA


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Act now and receive a free copy of "Barefoot Running: a sensible guide to conditioning". Author, Bryan Whitesides PT, MPT, OCS, discusses the benefits and risks of barefoot running. This eBook provides you with a training program including drills, stretching and strengthening exercises. Progression guidelines help you experience the benefits of barefoot running. This sensible approach helps you to avoid the extremist concepts associated with barefoot running.


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With your order of The Side Ache Solution you will also receive a free copy of "Rope Jumping for Runners". Rope jumping is a dynamic and fun way to supplement your training program. Rope jumping improves foot strength, muscular balance, running speed, coordination, aerobic and anaerobic fitness. This free eBook provides you with the tips and training program you need to benefit from rope jumping.



If you are not completely satisfied after one month of using the side ache solution program we will refund your money 100% - no questions asked!


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